Steam Summer Sale!


I survive, today is day 5
I plan to buy Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, The Sims 3 DLC (not so sure, since I move to a new account, I can’t play it anymooooreee, but it’s 50% today! but-but-but)
I think I will spend $15 this summer, more than that I’m so dead, I already spent too much this month

I found some funny video about Steam Summer Sale, haha, hope you like it

But I like this one better, hahaha

I’m not interested in 15% sale too, at least 50% 😀

Officially wear glasses


My eyes condition become pretty bad lately (last 1-2 months), so I decide to wear glasses
I forget sometimes but if I don’t wear it, I can’t read medium size text in 3 meters
T_T I miss my healthy eyes
Oh, I got minus and cylinder. Last time I checked, it’s pretty small 😀 1/2 and 3/4
IMG_0982I got it +/- 2 years ago (April 2011), right after my graduation, but I rarely wear it
IMG_0982aIt’s a Ray Ban, haha, replica offcoure
It’s IDR 30.000,- or $ 3 but it looks pretty good and functional (-1 each) so I won’t argue, I like it! 😀

Non-Air-Circulation Nausea



Has anyone feels nauseous when riding a non-air-circulation vehicle?
Not only that, do you feels like: hard to breath, dizziness, cold sweating, anxiety, only because there’s no air circulation
I’m not talking about air conditioner, more like wind thingy. It’s only happen when there’s no wind flowing inside the vehicleThe good news is: you are not the only one with this caseYou may hate that you have it, I mean, car is a very comfortable vehicle if you compare it to public transportation, and saver if you compare it to bike.
But just because this symptom (?) You can’t enjoy it, that’s suck

But now, I found the solution:
1. Sit right next to car window
2. Nicely ask permission from the car owner (usually the driver) to please allow you to open car window. Just explain why you had to, good Sir will understand
3. Open the window
Then, TADAAA, you got your air circulation. Now you can enjoy your time ride a car without nauseous-ness

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

Nightmare – Squid Pet


squid dream

Another dream last night

I have a new pet, a squid. He’s black. I know I don’t feel any emotional bond to him. I just think he’s cute
I just put him in a nice glass jar, then my friend (Kuma, he sit next to me) realize there’s a squid (leg?) tentacle on my jacket, it looks like a worm, and it still moving like crazy \(OAO)/ AAAA and there’s more on my arm and blouse! eeeeeeeewwwwwww

then I wake up, got goosebumps and checking my sleeping area TT__TT eew

Nightmare – Plate Lady



GHOST from my nightmare last night TT_TT yes, the thing on her back is a plate, a melamine plate (howcome that’s scares me?? IT’S A PLATE)

other than the weird plate, and odd frame per second movement, she’s quite normal, but kinda antisocial I guess, she doesn’t familiar with common relationship rule.. kinda old fashioned..

I see my dream like watching movie, but no screen, it’s not flat, like playing game in third person, so I can see her clearly, her movement, her language. She’s a caucasian. I think her age is 8 or 9 when she dies, but keep growing up as a ghost, lonely ghost

why plate?
I guess I try to make terrifying ghost like -sorry- sundel bolong with bleeding hole and maggot on her back, but I realize it would be too scary, so my mind cover it with a plate, a melamine plate like I use everyday
simple but…

The Suspicious Tree


Last night in my office neighborhood, I just went out when I see the tree crown moves like crazy, it’s like a monkey have a wild party (it moves from one tree to another tree!).
“Ah sure, just a monkey”
so I draw what I see

YOU!! Happy New Year 2013!!


I SURVIVED 2012!! Not really, no apocalypse happen, HEY IT’S GREAT!! HAHA

New year, I usually start with new resolution, not this time. I’m too busy thinking my family reunion, so excited!

Express Vacation
I go to my grandparents home in Malang (East Java) from Bandung. I choose Malabar train to get there, IDR 275.000,- you will get the best services! I went in 29 December, arrived 30 December morning. I met my grandpa and grandma, aunt and uncle (they live there) AND MY MUM, my brother sleeping :D, and my cousins and aunt Ririn and uncle Hendrik, feels weird spell it in english 😀 I MISS THEM SO MUCH, yeeey!

SO MANY FOOD 😀 I try all of it

We visit some family member in same town, then barbeque in New Year Eve, seeing some fireworks. So many people! Oh my family in Malang is from my mother, my father family is in Lombok and Bima and Jakarta, I wish we can gather like this too, I miss them a lot, hehe. I sleep at 12.30 I guess, so sleepy, then at 3 am my aunt wake me up: We’re going to Ngeliyep Beach! My brother wanna hunting nice pictures. We go there at 4 am, mist everywhere, and I just watch Silent Hill  before :yaoming: Then we arrive! It’s a nice place (or maybe because I rarely see beach in bandung) they have a small island near the beach, we can reach it by a bridge, on the top of the island they build a temple, looks like a Buddhist temple. Then drink Es Degan (Coconut Ice?) 😀 LOVE IT!!

2 January 2013 I go to Bali, why? VISIT MY FAMILY OFF COURSEE and I wanna renew my identity card (will expire in 17 January), btw thumbs up: fast service. Later I forget to bring my new id card to Bandung. I back to Bandung in January 5th, arrive in 6th. Bahaha, 7 days express vacation! I need to have a better plan next time 😛

New Year Resolution
Usually I will think about this in early December, now I think a week after new year, in short WIFLE. I’m not really prepared, so I just give my quick think :
1. Save More
I plan to gather emergency fund this year, and learn more about finance everyday

2. Build Healthy Habit
Eat healthy food and jogging or swimming more often. I wanna quit soda

3. Respect my close Friends
I know I seems like an ignorant person, don’t care about others or else, in fact I’m just a very shy person. But they worth it, so why not? 😀 If you see me ignoring, please feel free to remind me.

4. Play More
Harrr, last year I join Steam, it’s quite fun there. I find some old games I love in my Junior High School: TONY HAWK PRO SKATER!!! I buy some games too, but hasn’t finish it. B*tch please, not even finish the tutorial.

5. More Organized and Flexible
I’ve set some reminder to help me. I usually work based on to-do-list, but it will getting hard if I got interrupt in between, so I shall be more flexible to finish both of them and stay away from perfectionism. GAH!

6. Write more
Like this, blogging and stuff 😀

Why so many? My mind is so cluttered XD
I hope I can remember all of this, every single day of this year (>_<)> fight!

Haha, that’s all for tonight. Hope you have a GREAT TIME too this year! CHEERS!!!