Today is 21 July 2012, 🙂 hi world! I’m Tama

I’m a human, i come in peace to earth 23 years ago. I graduate from a campus full of engineer muscular dude as a Multimedia Designer in 2011 in my favorite town, Bandung.
Today, I work as an artist in a game developer studio in Indonesia.


Really, it’s what an artist called in the studio 😀 maybe because an artist can visualize anything in their mind, and simply put it in a piece of paper, voila! Magic happen, Papa! It’s wonderful, my son!!
As a game developer, do i play game? Yes, ladies and gantlemen, i do enjoy game. I adore Dead Island, my close friend give me in Steam. In the beginning i think he try to make me addict to steam (ha-ha, no way Jose), but he’s not, i think he just want a partner to play the game, it’s quite scary game (the sound make it scary) there’s a lot of screaming zombies AND THEY RUN!! So entertaining! Anyway i like playing game in Steam, their achievement system is very smart, it can engage player to keep playing game, and they also record how long you play a game haha, can’t believe i spend 30 hours playing Dead Island. Other game? in Facebook i love playing Gourmet Ranch, i’ve played some of farm + cooking game in Facebook, but imho Gourmet Ranch has the best gameplay, very user friendly interface, every 2 weeks they always add new quest, new items, new achievement, really good maintenance, and recently they put some ads there, brilliant ingame ads, i even can enjoy it. I’ll explain it deeper in my next post. This week i start play Buddy Rush (again), i remember a years ago they do lots of marketing in Facebook Fanpage, oh yeah, it’s very interesting how they handle fan management, it’s a big game. Last year i play it in my PC, now i play it in mobile device (it’s integrated server), i prefer play it in PC, bigger images, bigger eyecandy, haha. I enjoy playing Pocket Planes too, a game from Nimblebit (they develop Tiny Tower, i don’t play it) interesting gameplay, i’m not fancy pixel art, but for this game: it’s ok (hey that’s proves that when gameplay is good, any graphic style is doesn’t matter! Gamer gonna love it anyway).

What about the game i made? How much game development i get involved? Ok, let’s make a list (is it legal if i open to public? some of them in prototype, so i just spoil their codename)
1. English Defender/ in Flash Portal: I made the badges in achievement section 😀 It’s my first quest anyway, it’s in 2006, from this quest i learn more about digital coloring.
2. Codename Prototype: Isometric/ in Flash Portal: I have no idea what i’m doing, haha, i guess i try to make some GUI, and vehicle in Blender, and texture. I learn basic of Blender from this quest.
3. Codename Prototype: Gentle Breeze/ in Flash Portal: I’m a single artist for this quest, so i do everything. I learn how to sprite animation, and more digital coloring, flash animation frame by frame
4. Kiri-kiri/ Silverlight for Facebook: oh i don’t make the assets, i just make some of mock ups. I learn about more technical aspect of game development here, i guess.
5. Codename Prototype: Playboy Hero/ Flash Portal: It’s a holiday quest, we only do it for 7 days, and we dont made it -lol- I learn tiling background assets (like in RPG Maker) from this quest
6. Codename Mock Up: Magi  Coloseo/ Flash Portal: I just make a mock up for this quest, when i look at it now: WTF!! Who made this piece of shit?! I did, haha. Yeah at that moment i don’t enjoy making monsterous creatures, i just have no idea how to make it. I relieve as time goes by I can find more and more people with same passion who can teach me how to make a better art, and how to be more professional when i’m facing a new challenge
7. Codename Mock Up: Sariw*ngi: At this time, our studio build an advergame connection for B to B, so we start to do more mock up game to present to them, some succeed!
8. Urban Feud/ in Flash Portal: My first published game in portal, wooo! I learn how to do vector art from this quest, really a simple one. Look at AAA game, look at my game, hmm close enough :yaoming: at least one step closer
9. Codename: Soulcrafter/ Flash Portal: Unpublished game! I put SO MUCH EFFORTS for this game, skill, time, emotion. I learn more and more digital coloring, eye candy, teamworks. I remember our studio nearly bankcrupt, and the CEO decide to buy lots of new furniture and SOFA <– it’s a big things, really we dont have any sofa before this, we still have it 2 years after 😀 I still wonder how we got the money?
10. Codename Prototype: Fruit Frenzy/ Flash Portal: So the CEO have a friend, he can make a game alone, he can do both artist and programmer role, a one man show, and his vector art is really exellence! This guy will stay in our studio for (cmiiw) 1 month to do collaboration quest. So, i like to see how he do all of that, his art look so nice, i wonder how he made it really good, and really fast! So i made this mock up really to satisfy my curiosity. But later, the game producer decide to make a silverlight game based on my mock up: Hujan Buah-buahan. Later, this guy become CEO of Agate Jogja!
11. Advergame: Pediasure Nutrisi Sang Juara/ microsite game: My programmer usually do Silverlight game, this time she do flash game, must be really challenging for her. It’s my first published advergame, a simple game but i hope it can help gamer to play it together with family member (it’s a game for kids + parents) and get the information about good nutrition.
12. Codename Prototype: Sim Resto/ Facebook  Game: PROTOTYPE!! i made A LOT of food assets in vector, haha I really enjoy it.
13. Petualangan Dunia Orbit/ Facebook Game: It’s a multiple choice game, but we repackage it like it’s a adventure-detective game, i put some indonesian pattern in the backgounds, and costumes. Love it.
14. Codename Prototype: Marg/ Mobile: It’s a big quest, i made a really polished art this time, i guess dev team like it, until months later they decide to redesign the game and pick other artist -ohgodwhy- i like the queeest, well the new game is nearly released, and an artist who replace me, kinda talented, so it’s ok bro, just take it, TAKE IT BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!! haha
15. Shopping Paradise/ Facebook Game: Advergame for Living Social Deal Keren, cute art. Now I understand why need more than one artist to build a social game, lots of assets! Becaude it’s cute, i love it ;D
16. Sunny Service Series/ Ovistore Games: really simple game, matching card by flip it. I learn to make a really small assets for mobile needs, for example: each card file size is under 1 kb, it’s crazy
17. Codename: Medaba/ iOS: i currently work for this game, coming soon ^^

I think that’s all for this time, i would like to share more about game development next time, or just some interesting stuff happen 😀
See ya

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