What’s Up Agate Headquarter 26 July 2012?


I wanna share some activity from my office as one of game developer in Indonesia

Lately, our office seems very busy for Football Saga 2 marketing 😀
Everyday (and night) Dian and Dave will discuss about marketing strategy to gain more and more user, sorry I can’t share it now, LATER after we publish it. Oh, yesterday our youtube reach 1000 impression in 24-hour publish, oh it’s really good, I never imagine Agate can make game trailer like this, it’s AWESOME!! For the promotional video, we collaborate with Sembilan Matahari. Yep, last year they burn Gedung Sate using Video Mapping. Couple months ago we invite them to come to our studio, and they share behind the scene making of Video Mapping, super cool! They even have miniature of Gedung Sate! Their other projects is holographic Miku inside a glass prism, oh it’s really tricky process i don’t even understand how they do it 😛 I remember one of most famous holographic object is in Gorillaz live Concert in 2007 (cmiiw) I watch behind the scene in TV, haha, after all this time I always think hologram is just a sci-fi humour. But I think this Miku hologram from Sembilan Matahari is more like Japanese hologram, they using plate of glass to catch images, Gorillaz hologram using smoke (again, feel free to cmiiw ^^).

Here’s screenshot for Football Saga 2

Ingame preview


Oh i draw one of the card there (the mineral water). I play the game too :youdontsay: stuck in lv.6 cuz I do Enterpreneur job, take long time to reach maximum money (4 energy x 2000), meanwhile i can’t do exercise >.< but i get the money anyway -worth it haha-

Yesterday night suddenly I got a task from business to business producer: Valentinus RK, sketch for mock up game, need to finish it tonight, haha. It’s really common for sudden task like this, even if you a new artist, onboard, or senior one, doesn’t matter. And i’m a messy sketcher, this task quite chalenging to make it clean and minim line, hope the sketch can help hunter Vincentius get new quest T.T GO GO HUNTER!! Oh, fyi hunter is a team of single dude looking for client to give us quest, both B2B and B2C, his job more like hunter isn’t it?

Last month I decide to take environment background artist as my speciality skill, even if I know i’m not really good at it, I wanna learn how to make a real good background. So I exercise some of it

+/- 4 hours raster paint
I enjoy swimming and underwater view, i love how sun make water trace on the sand, so refreshing

GOTHAM!! -wannabe- haha
+/- 4 hours raster paint
Background experiment,
It used to be more cartoonish before i took some advice from my friend. Edit the cloud (make it more realistic), and desaturate color for building to show depth

Why Environment Artist? Someday i would like to create the world i have in my mind, just imagined: Other people can have the key to visit my imaginare world and interact inside the environment i think only me can access it! That’s why, i still need to learn lots of tools, try lots of style, and constantly exercise, also i need to speed it up. Arr, some of my friends here is very good in drawing, super fast and the color is AMAZING. I need to be more than that!! Go Go Power Ranger!

-hey keep in touch 😀 i’ll spoiler more about game developer daily activity here-

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