What’s Up Agate Headquarter 19 August 2012?


Achievement unlocked! We’ve passed Ramadhan and here we are in the whole new level with new challenges, more fun and more rewards await us! In this special moment the whole family of Agate Studio wishing you Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H and have a very FUN Holiday 😀 ~ Sorry it’s a templete i copy paste from Agate Studio facebook fanpage, cuz every word i compose feels wrong.. so wrong, my friends, haha. Oh for you who have no idea what is “Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H”: It’s a special day (in 1 and 2 Syawal) for Muslim after finishing fasting month (Ramadhan), that is today. In Indonesia Eid Mubarak is a moment to summon all of family member to visit their oldest family member, pray together and forgiving each others, and don’t forget to taste the ultimate delicioso menu: Opor Ayam and Ketupat –> taste like a bold rainbow in a glittery warm cloud cooked by the best chef in the universe.

Haha, anyway what’s up Agate Headquarter? NOBODY AT OFFICE!! IT’S ALL MINE!! INFINITE INTERNET QUOTA!! DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING!! Actually i’m not a download-type person, i prefer streaming haha 😀 WHERE’S ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? spawn, spawn!

Here I got Agate Headquarter Map, stole image from Agate Simfonia (cute pixel art by Nathalia Noor, sorry i draw Bogi -> looks like a black goat), you can hear the sound of every room environment in their website. I sit in B2B Area: red monitor 🙂 We have some pet here: a Puppy (name: Bogi Van Boston De La Espresso Machomon III), Cat Momma and three kitty, Guinea Pig (name: Zizi, Dodo, and Poopee), Fish Family (can’t remember their name in russian) and Mini Hamsters (name: Godzilla and Mordor). My favorite is Zen Area, i can hear music from bard room and water flowing from fish pond and SOFA! Oh we just moving sofa from Common (aka Recreation) Room to Zen Area, suddenly this area become very popular 😀
The green area is grass and jungle, if you visit us, please don’t go to the green area, it’s scary shit, even Bogi dislike it. Let’s just say there’s a pretty lady guard it everynight.

Oh have you seen our youtube vids? Last year we make 2 video: one to introduce Agate Studio, other one to hiring. SO we’re hiring now, we looking for 2D artist, programmer, sales, marketing, public relations, web developer, graphic designer, but i say if you passionate in game industry and wanna give contribution in game development in Indonesia, just send your cv anyway, you gonna find a way to get here no matter what your educational background is 😀


Fun fact about Agate crew: some of ladies and gentleman here like to collect Lego. Some of them collect it even since their childhood, some of them start to collect it recently, some like to take pictures of lego, some keep persuade others to start collect too :). Before 2003, Lego is not as cool as you know today. Lego -once more- become popular in 2003 when Lego Group launch more varian of Minifigures design based on specific theme, it’s customizable and have accessories, A LOT of accessories. I admit some of them cute and very detail.
Why I bring to you this time is because this August is Lego 80th Birthday. They make a video special for this event, really good one. Enjoy it!

It is our responsibility to serve good quality items, only the best is good enough, and remember hard work won’t betray you 😀

I guess thats all for today ^^ feel free to correct me if im wrong (in content, or grammer, anything, i’m nubie haha)
hey it’s a long weekend, HAVE A BLAST FELLA!!!

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