Nightmare – Plate Lady



GHOST from my nightmare last night TT_TT yes, the thing on her back is a plate, a melamine plate (howcome that’s scares me?? IT’S A PLATE)

other than the weird plate, and odd frame per second movement, she’s quite normal, but kinda antisocial I guess, she doesn’t familiar with common relationship rule.. kinda old fashioned..

I see my dream like watching movie, but no screen, it’s not flat, like playing game in third person, so I can see her clearly, her movement, her language. She’s a caucasian. I think her age is 8 or 9 when she dies, but keep growing up as a ghost, lonely ghost

why plate?
I guess I try to make terrifying ghost like -sorry- sundel bolong with bleeding hole and maggot on her back, but I realize it would be too scary, so my mind cover it with a plate, a melamine plate like I use everyday
simple but…

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