Non-Air-Circulation Nausea



Has anyone feels nauseous when riding a non-air-circulation vehicle?
Not only that, do you feels like: hard to breath, dizziness, cold sweating, anxiety, only because there’s no air circulation
I’m not talking about air conditioner, more like wind thingy. It’s only happen when there’s no wind flowing inside the vehicleThe good news is: you are not the only one with this caseYou may hate that you have it, I mean, car is a very comfortable vehicle if you compare it to public transportation, and saver if you compare it to bike.
But just because this symptom (?) You can’t enjoy it, that’s suck

But now, I found the solution:
1. Sit right next to car window
2. Nicely ask permission from the car owner (usually the driver) to please allow you to open car window. Just explain why you had to, good Sir will understand
3. Open the window
Then, TADAAA, you got your air circulation. Now you can enjoy your time ride a car without nauseous-ness

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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